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WHM Information: (WHM Features & Tutorials)

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WHM is a next generation web hosting control panel system. It allows you to but is not limited to administering individual accounts, reseller accounts & performing basic system & control panel maintenance via a secure interface. It is used to set up and manage accounts, monitor bandwidth and services, and much more - all aspects of web hosting are covered through WebHost Manager (WHM).

You can keep track of the accounts on your server, their bandwidth, and disk space usage, and more with only an Internet connection and the click of a button. So, even if you never operated a hosting company before, the WHM control panel does most of the work for you, while giving you full control of your site (s).

WHM Features


WHM makes setting up your client web site(s) easy! The Control Panel itself is a user-friendly graphical interface that permits quick and easy access to all the features available to your particular account plan.

The features inside the Control Panel automate processes that normally you would have to do manually or have your hosting provider do them for you. Also, each of your customer accounts get there own cPanel control panel
(more details). Below is a list of some of the features your reseller WHM Control Panel has:

  • Setup Remote Access Key
  • Server/ Service Status
  • Server Information
  • List Accounts
  • Create a New Account
  • Skeleton Directory
  • Terminate an Account
  • Terminate Multiple Accounts
  • Upgrade/Downgrade an Account
  • View Bandwidth Usage
  • Limit Bandwidth Usage
  • Suspend/Unsuspend an Account
  • List Suspended Accounts
  • Modify Suspended Account Page
  • Password Modification
  • Disable or Enable Subdomains
  • List Subdomains
  • Change WHM Theme
  • Feature Manager (BETA)
  • Add Packages
  • Delete Packages
  • Edit Packages
  • Park or Point a Domain
  • List Parked Domains
  • Add a DNS Zone
  • Edit an MX Entry
  • Edit a DNS Zone
  • Delete a DNS Zone
  • Install FrontPage Extensions
  • Uninstall FrontPage Extensions
  • Install FrontPage Mail Extensions
  • Mail Troubleshooter
  • Branding
  • Modify cPanel/WHM News
  • Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request
  • Install an SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain

.:* Click Here For WHM Demo!

Demo User: demo
Demo Pass: demo


WHM (Web Host Manager)Text Tutorials:

HostingDevil.Com is pleased to offer WHM tutorials for our web hosting clients. Our customers will be able to actually see how to perform routine tasks in their WHM control panel.

WHM Text Tutorials:

Click Here To View WHM Text Tutorials