SHOUTcast Server Hosting

How to Setup Station Playlist Studio to SHOUTcast or Icecast

How to Setup Station Playlist Studio to SHOUTcast or Icecast


1.) Download and Install Station Playlist Studio note: make sure to install the SPL Encoder during the installation process

2.) Open up Station Playlist Studio. You will see two boxes come up. Click on the SPL Encoder box. Then click on "Add Encoder"


3.) Right-click on "Vorbis: Quailty 0/Stereo/44100" that appears below it and click on "Configure" from the menu.


5.) Under Basic Settings enter your stream details. You can find your stream information the Centovacast Control panel under "Quick Links." Your log in information was sent to you in a "Shoutcast or Icecast Welcome Email" after you signed up.

Bit Rate: The bit rate of the account that you purchased.

Sample Rate: For 96kbps or higher 44100 is Standard. For lower than 96kbps 22050 is Standard.

Channels: For 96kbps or higher Stereo is Standard. Lower than 96kbps sounds better in Mono unless your are streaming in aac format.

Encoder Type: MP3 Lame or aac which ever you prefer

Server Type: Shoutcast or Icecast2

Server IP: You can find your IP in the Centovacast Control panel under "Quick Links" it the Server Host Name.

Port: You can find your Port next to the IP.

Encoder Password: The password that was sent to you after you signed up.

Mount Point:  /live is the default. You only need a mount if you are using Icecast2.


6.) After you have finished filling out the information under "Basic Settings" you will want to click on "YP Settings" and fill out Information about your Radio.


7.) Click on "OK" to close out the configuration. You are now ready to start Broadcasting  to SHOUTcast or Icecast with Station Playlist Studio. Click on "Connect" in the SPL Encoder and start playing music in Station Playlist Studio.