SHOUTcast Server Hosting

So the choice was Sam for your streaming client, Good choice, this is a very powerful client that will allow you to auto DJ (from your computer), to adding slogans and advertisements automatically. But first lets get it going...

First off, you may need to download it. Here is the link to their site

Now that we have that out of the way, lets configure this..

Step 1: Get a new encoder... First go to the pull down menu for window and select encoder. Now...there are two ways from this area to add a new encoder, either that plus button in the encoder window, or go to the file menu and go to "new". Both ways you'll see the same next step.


Step two: Select the type of encoding, lets just say mp3..



Step 3: Setup the mp3 encoder, set this up according to what package you have purchased.




Step 4: Configure the encoder, Select SHOUTcast or IceCast depending on the package you purchased. Change the server IP to what was given to you, the port, station name, etc..


Step 5:Hit the play button!!


Now you're streaming. Congratulations!


Go on... play some music!! oh and Happy Streaming!! :)