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1. Download CentOS 6.5 Net Install image



Select ISO image

2. Burn Image to CD and Boot Computer Using CentOS 6.5 Installation CD

Burn the Centos Image to a disc and boot computer using CentOS Installation CD.

3.CentOS 6.5 installation - select install or upgrade existing system

4. Disc Test: You can skip this or select media test, if you want to test the media on disc.

 5 Select URL Installation Method

6. TCP/IP Configuration


7. Setup CentOS 6.5 Netinstall URL

 CentOS URL for 6.5 i386:

CentOS URL for 6.5 x86_64:

8. Graphical Installer Starts

9. Select  Language

10. Select Keyboard

11. Select Storage Devices

12. Set Hostname

13. Select Timezone

14. Set root user Password

15. Select Type of Installation

16. Write Changes to Disk

17. Customize Package Selection

18. Installation Completed