SHOUTcast Server Hosting

1. Download CentOS 5.10 Net Install  Image



Select ISO image

2. Burn Image to CD and Boot Computer Using CentOS 5.10 Installation CD

Burn the Centos Image to a disc and boot computer using CentOS Installation CD.

3. Select Network Installation (NetInstall) on LiveCD Grub Menu or just press enter on CentOS Netinstall CD to boot CentOS 5.10 Installer

4. Choose a Language

5. Select keyboard type


 6. Select  Installation Method

7. Configure TCP/IP settings


8. Setup CentOS 5.10 Netinstall URL

Web site name:

CentOS directory for i386:


CentOS directory for x86_64:


9. Centos Welcome Screen

10. Select Partitioning Type

11. Network configuration

12. Select Time Zone

13. Set Root Password

14. Select packages for Installation

15. Installation has Completed Reboot the server