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How to disable/clear cpanel brute force detector via ssh

Disable cPHulk Brute Force Protection SSH


Run the following command to disable cPHulk for 5 minutes


cPHulkD will stop until chksrvd starts it back up again within 8 minutes.

To enable before chksrvd starts its back up, run the following command



cPHulk Brute Force Protection - cPHulk

Brute force is an attack (hacking) method that involves using an automated system to guess the password to your web server or services. cPHulk provides protection against brute force attacks.

cPHulk will protect POP3 and IMAP against brute force attacks if you use the Dovecot mailserver. Also, cPHulk will protect other services on any mailserver that you use against brute-force attacks.

Important: cPHulk will not protect POP3 or IMAP against IP-based brute force attacks if you use the Courier mailserver. Courier does not log the IP addresses of failed POP3 and IMAP logins.


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